Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eleanor goes to the Splash Pad

A week ago Brett and I were texting while he was at work. I mentioned that life had felt a little boring and monotonous lately, I just missed excitement and fun things. Every day Brett would come home from work, we'd play with Eleanor for a little bit after she napped, there was dinner, TV, and lots of homework. Brett came home from work and said, "We're going to the splash pad." We packed up, went and got snacks and swim diapers, drove to the splash pad and found a grassy area to plant. Eleanor was hesitant to be near the water at first. We took a snack break and watched the water some more. Then we took her back and she was crawling all over the place hitting the water and at one point trying to taste it.. little stink. It was the perfect evening!! So grateful for that little lady and my man who has the best ideas to get me out of a rut.
^^Sophisticated Cheeto eating
^^My two faves
^^Squishy belly
^^Cute candid photo..
^^Tasting it
^^Loving it

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