Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eleanor goes to the Splash Pad

A week ago Brett and I were texting while he was at work. I mentioned that life had felt a little boring and monotonous lately, I just missed excitement and fun things. Every day Brett would come home from work, we'd play with Eleanor for a little bit after she napped, there was dinner, TV, and lots of homework. Brett came home from work and said, "We're going to the splash pad." We packed up, went and got snacks and swim diapers, drove to the splash pad and found a grassy area to plant. Eleanor was hesitant to be near the water at first. We took a snack break and watched the water some more. Then we took her back and she was crawling all over the place hitting the water and at one point trying to taste it.. little stink. It was the perfect evening!! So grateful for that little lady and my man who has the best ideas to get me out of a rut.
^^Sophisticated Cheeto eating
^^My two faves
^^Squishy belly
^^Cute candid photo..
^^Tasting it
^^Loving it

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Eleanor Goes To The Zoo

Okay, technically this was for my birthday. I feel like an oddball being an adult wanting to go to the Zoo for her birthday, but I'm an adult so I can do whatever I want on my birthday! We had such a great time at the zoo. When we first got there we got in line to get tickets. A man walked up to Brett and explained that he had an extra guest on his pass and asked if one of us wanted to go in with him. I wasn't entirely listening to him so Brett gestured that I'd go in, so I sort of just followed this stranger into the zoo. Then waited for Brett on the other side. By the time we got through the gate I realized what had happened, it was So nice of him to do that. We thanked him and were so appreciative of what he did. It may have seemed like a small thing to him, but to a family like us (students, young baby, full time working) we were so grateful and it made our day that much better!
After the zoo, we got delicious food, and shopped a little, so it ended up being such a great birthday. Really I just need my little lady, my man, a little attention and I'm good. Love those two though!! I don't know who I'd be without them. 
 ^^I promise she enjoyed this experience... Haha!
^^It's like she gets that we're taking a picture.
 ^^Brett posing with the lion, which I promise was is in there somewhere. Then we were looking at this little monkey and he came right up to the glass, looked at us, then walked away. 
 ^^Iconic zoo photo.
 ^^Wait, no, THIS is the iconic zoo photo. Love you Brett!
 ^^Little lady and me with the Giraffe!
 ^^Someday I'll be better at focusing the camera when using self-timer. That day is not today.
 ^^all heart eyes right here.

Eleanor Goes Up The Canyon

We have found THE best friends here in Provo, Matt, Jocelynn, and Addie. We're sad to see them leave for Med school soon, but we'll definitely stay in contact. Our babies are about two months apart so Jocelynn and I go on walks every day. A few weeks ago we thought it would be fun to go up the canyon and have a campfire dinner. We invited our friends to come and had a blast. The boys roasted the dogs, while the babies played, and the moms kept the babies from mauling each other. We definitely need to do this again before they leave, thanks for coming with us Gregory's, you guys are the Best!

Eleanor See's Capitol Blossoms

We have a tradition that takes place every year where we go to the Capitol building and see the cherry blossoms. This year I decided to dress us up and try for a new family picture, I think we got some great ones, thanks to the multiple strangers I asked to take it for us.. I'm picky. The blossoms were gorgeous as they are every year and it was even more fun this year to be able to take Eleanor around to see them. I definitely hope we can continue this tradition through life. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Eleanor Goes to Moab

A few months before February we talked about taking a quick vacation just us three. We needed the time to unplug and reconnect as a family. One of our Favorite vacations we've taken was to Arches two years ago just Brett and I, we thought, is there any better place to go?! So I started planning and Viola! We were headed to Moab for a three day trip.  
^^The cutest little traveling buddy. She did so great in the car!
 ^^It was a little windy and kind of rainy while there but we still had so much fun.
 ^^The weather cleared up pretty soon after starting this hike. It was perfect! And then Eleanor even smiled for a picture.
^^Lil punk.
^^I think I'll print this as our new family picture. Sandy, wind-blown, and together. 
^^Loved the scenery!
^^Inside joke from our last trip. We were taking pictures and videoing at Balancing Rock and Brett said "And now we see... a balancing rock." In a goofy accent. 
^^Kind of silly.. but Brett and I took a picture on our bed last trip with our late night treats (his coke my mcflurry), so I wanted to do one with our little lady :)

It was Such a fun trip!