Friday, September 15, 2017

Lake Powell

I feel like I should warn you, whoever you are, that there are a lot of pictures in this post. So.. if you make it through them all, then great!! Anyway, we decided to brave Lake Powell with a one year old. It was fun, but exhausting. I would definitely advise going for a half week rather than a whole week. 
 The boat put little lady to sleep. I don't blame her. 
 Check out that sunrise.
 Tired? You and me both kid.
 Eleanor looks about as thrilled as Brett probably felt about all the pictures I wanted.
 Brett got to take the boat out on his own, I can't remember why, but he enjoyed it.
 Now he wants a boat.
 Cuddles for Uncle Isaac!
 We didn't get much sleep while there. The first night she woke up we all three ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs. Brett got up and went on an early morning run. When I woke up Eleanor was still asleep, cuddled up on top of me. In the middle of the night I was tired and frustrated, but she only wanted to sleep on me. That morning I was grateful for the cuddling because that never happens anymore. It was a sweet moment to have her so close, then have her sweetly wake up, and chat/play together while watching the sunrise.
 She didn't absolutely love being in the lake. But holy cow, bucket for the win! She loved it.
 I call this one, "Eleanor Featuring: cute teefins"
 And this one is called, "Parenting, you're winning".
 Me and my cutie.
 Me and my lover.
 One reason why we love this place.
The End.

Happy Birthday Eleanor

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! We decided to wait a week to do Eleanor's birthday party with my brother coming home from his mission the weekend after her actual birthday. We decided to keep it low key by having a casual dinner where everyone could visit and chat, then opened presents, and enjoyed rootbeer floats while watching Eleanor eat cake. We're really so grateful for all of our friends and family for coming and celebrating our fun little lady! We love you all! (and thank you Lauren for taking pictures for me!)
Eleanor was pretty funny with presents, as in, she didn't really want to open any. She threw a fit when I took one away so we could open the next one, at least we know she likes them all!
Then she loved the cake, demolished it really, she ate so much and really loved it.
Brett decided to take advantage of the cake and smash some in my face. I think it had something to do with payback from the cake smashing at our wedding.. well I got him right back :) So that was fun!